Fear Is A Liar feat. Jahson The Scientist

from by KAIKO



Look at this face, in these eyes
Under this old skin, behind a tie
That chokes all the empathy
Hear these words, in every line
Hides a fragile mind
That is caught in it’s own reality

He crowns the scapegoats with barbed wires
Drags’ em down to mud and mire
These heavy boots
A cold september.
He spits flames and spreads the fire
Come closer and you’ll find „Liar“
Written in black ember

Fear can be deceiving
Changes all the ways of us perceiving the world
Unconsciously, restless dreaming
Your heart freezing slowly

Now look at your face, listen inside
Hear the pulse of worries floating down your spine
Truth is always the first answer
When your head is dazed, your hands are tied
You don’t feel the strings pulling you side to side
The puppet and the dancer
In disguise

Illusionary trails seem so right
When dread darkens sanity’s light
You’re about to lose yourself
A tempest takes over the kite
Only now you realize that you’re on a dangerous flight

Fear can be deceiving
Question yourself and what you believe in
Don’t be afraid to listen to your feelings
And you’ll find your heart beating

the gem sold was a cubic zerconia,
while opens his laptop with coltan in,
he said border control made him feel at home again,
in a glass house and he's stone flinging,
bring in a cup
double scotch on the rocks drinking
Other hand handles Double barrel shotgun
that's known for clipping wings of Pigeons trying to catch a distance
With a smile drawn to a smerk,
to clip ’em he's most efficient
it’s fun, not work, just keeps his ticker ticking,
His son ain't got no work
he said to foreigners they've all been given
Forgetting that his son ain't even qualified for knitting,
I heard you rap and from who's your pay check given?
I said I'm independent like man out of Van dere Belling
He switched the topic with some quickness
and said I know boys with those afro got some better shit selling


from Brick By Brick, released September 30, 2016



all rights reserved


KAIKO Vienna, Austria

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