Canvas & Closure feat. Micky Dey

from by KAIKO



We wake up in a dirty bed.
My mouth tastes like last night’s regrets.
For breakfast you serve weak smiles,
Cold shoulders and warm hands

In your couch hides a moldy heart
And its sorrows you’d never show
I see you swallowing all the pain
And your lonely piece of bread.

Honey, don't give me that frown, let's stop talking for now
I'd rather go out, maybe the city will take away these clouds

Let's leave our heads inside the house
And run randomly through town until we
find ourselves back on that way we always come around.

We take off our dirty shoes
and enter the scene of old deja-vu.
Your lips long for me desiring
you and your needs endlessly.

Too close to breathe I need to be all alone
Cause in the palm of your hand my skin turns into stone.
Let's share our stories not write them as one
and you will discover this chapter has just begun.

Release this love
What if we look for the next steps instead of where we want to be
What if we grasp these knots and not us wanting to be free

Let's gather every word and thought
and pile them up towards the sky until we
lose the ground under our feet and realize

The canvas somehow lost its color
as we finished our strokes
we kept on drawing for each other
but never together, always apart

release this love
it has just begun
it has just begun
it has just begun
when will it be gone?


from Brick By Brick, released September 30, 2016



all rights reserved


KAIKO Vienna, Austria

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